Monday, February 22, 2010

Stapleton traffic - solution soon!

Following extensive public consultations, and many months late, it looks like the long awaited Stapleton village traffic management scheme will soon be a reality. The delay has been due to objections submitted about some of the extra parking retrictions, but the key features remain, including the traffic islands on Bell Hill and near The Chine.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any further information regarding the final plans? I cannot find anything on the council website.

Anonymous said...

Changes have made things for the Chine/Stapleton Close worse than ever. Here's an email I sent the head of Colston's School under the heading 'Inspiring Parents':
Hi Mr Fraser

I was wondering whether , through you I can thank your inspirational parents.

I was so inspired at the way they swore at local residents when asked not to park in front of drives. I was even more inspired by the way that one uttered a string of expletives when told a private access road (off the Chine) was not there for their convenience nor was it there to park in when being used by residents

Probably overall I was impressed by the threats of violence against another person who wanted to drive into her house where a very large man in an X3 was parked. He moved and said 'I'm parking where I like and if you dont like it it'll be you getting thumped!' Magnificent and so typical of your parents

Thank you Colstons

Tom Morris, Park Road said...

I will accept that the changes have been broadly positive - but you can still see cars speeding up to the islands, slowing to go through, then speeding again. Doesn't really achieve anything other than increase pollution levels (deceleration and acceleration pumps out four times as much pollution than a constant 30 or 40mph).
What the scheme has not done is cure the 'Colston's Problem'