Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frome Greenway cycle path consultation

Residents in the part of Stapleton Road which runs next to the M32 are being consulted on plans to create a widened walkway and cycle path. At present there is a 'break' in the cycle route to and from the city centre, and the idea is to improve the area for walkers, especially those in wheelchairs or pushing prams. As part of the proposals, Napier Road will become two way, and additional parking would be provided, to replace spaces removed by the wider pavements.
The consultation ends on January 15th, and further details can be found on the Council website here:


Anonymous said...

The cycle path on Park road, further up Stapleton Road is not been a success: cyclists still use the pavements to the detriment of children and pedestrians.

Rather than expanding the network shouldn't we spend more money to catch these criminals and enforce existing laws? Cyclists are increasingly showing a total lack of respect to basic laws and only some high profile show prosecutions will get the message through to them. So, stop cutting down roadspace and reducing traffic flow (with the inevitable effect on congestion and pollution). Reward cyclists only when they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Anon. Cyclists are proving a totally lawless disrespectful bunch who we seem to fawn and cringe over. Let's call a halt to this spending on them until they prove their worth. Or, for that matter, any worth