Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stapleton residents meeting - Thursday 24th July

The Stapleton and Frome Valley conservation area is one of the oldest in Bristol, dating back to 1972. It has helped ensure that the essential character of the area has been protected, whilst allowing sympathetic development.
Muriel Cole and I have had discussions with a number of residents who feel the time is right to revive a Conservation Society for Stapleton. This would enable residents to have a direct input into the Council’s conservation advisory panel, and work with similar groups in different parts of Bristol.
A local residents meeting has been called to discuss this on Thursday 24th July at 7:30 pm in Stapleton Church Hall.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Grange House Stapleton

This historic building has been subject to a number of planning applications recently. A plan to build a four-bedroomed house in the garden was withdrawn, but an attempt to convert the historic stables for residential use has been re-submitted. There were a number of objections to this when it first appeared. The building is an established stable block, with a patterned stone floor which the developer was proposing to cover up! Listed buildings in Stapleton need to be be preserved and it is important that any development is in keeping with the conservation area. The planning application will be considered by the Conservation Advisory Panel shortly.

Save Grove Wood Trees!

I was pleased to be able to join local residents in their protest against Bristol City Council’s decision to allow the trees along Blackberry Hill to be chopped down. The decision was made under delegated powers by a Council Officer in the face of a very large number of objections from local residents. Everyone accepts that the trees need some management, but I’ve seen no convincing reason as to why they should be removed.
The campaign will continue, an official complaint has been lodged with the Council, and if that fails the complaint will go to the Local Government Ombudsman.For more information on Grove Wood and Snuff Mills, please check out the excellent campaign website at: