Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Liberal Ministers (and first Coalition) since 1945

As I predicted this is was the closest election since February 1974 and like then it produced what the media like to call a 'hung parliament.' (Personally I prefer the less emotive local government term 'No Overall Control').
The arithmetic (Con 306, Lab 258, Lib Dem 57, others 28) meant there were only two truly viable options, a Conservative minority government (as with Labour in 1974 and with the SNP in Scotland today), or a Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition with an agreed programme, and the potential to run a full term.

Any arrangement with historic political enemies can be difficult to swallow, but coalition between parties is a fact of life in nearly all other countries in Europe. Political parties themselves are also coalitions, and we have been governed by a coalition between 'Blair-Labour' and the 'Brown-Labour' for the last 13 years!

In any coalition its not what is said but what is done that will matter in time. The agreement between the parties has been widely publicised, but don't believe what the newspapers tell you, read the full version for yourself here:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

General Election goes to the wire....

A quarter of the votes in this area have probably been cast by post already, including mine, and tomorrow everyone else will have the chance to make their choice. I never make predictions about election results, but it is clear that this is going to be the closest contest since I first cast a vote back in 1974.
Bristol East Liberal Democrat Candidate Mike Popham has had a great response on the doorsteps, and we seem to have got more information through people'd doors than either of the other parties.
If your still undecided, please remember that only the Liberal Democrats will bring about the permanent change that our country really needs.

Lynn Road & Stokecliffe House - revised schemes approved

Two planning applications that will have a major effect on Stapleton were passed at the end of April. A refurbishment of Stokecliiffe house on Park Road has been welcomed, but not the new houses planned to encroach on the valley. In Lynn Road a previous application was rejected, but an amended scheme has now been approved, this will also impact on the valley which slopes steeply form Park Road down to the River Frome (see picture).

Both applications were opposed by local residents, the local Conservation Society, and local Liberal Democrat Councillors. what this appears to show is the need for an early review of the whole of the Stapleton and Frome Valley area if its unique quality is to be maintained.

Stapleton Traffic Scheme - work starts!

Local residents were somewhat relieved to see work starting on the Stapleton Traffic scheme. The traffic islands are now in place, and we hope that local people will see an improvement shortly.