Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 mph pilot for Eastville

A maximum speed limit of 20mph is proposed in two residential areas of Bristol, one of them includes Eastville - from the junction up to Muller Road. The proposed 20mph speed limit will apply to all residential streets within the pilot areas, but not to major traffic routes.

In Eastville the roads in the scheme are all residential, and mostly narrow streets with cars parked on both sides for most of the day. The primary aim of these pilot zones is to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive to more people. It should also help to reduce the number of road accidents, especially those involving pedestrians.

My colleague Jon Rogers, Lib Dem Cabinet member for Transport said, “We will be monitoring the success of the two pilot areas and listening to comments from local residents and businesses as well as those who regularly pass through these areas before we look at whether they could be extended to other parts of the City."

The scheme will not involve the introduction of any physical traffic calming features such as speed humps; chicanes or cameras.

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