Friday, July 3, 2009

Re-elected! - four more years

I didn’t mean to be away from ‘blogsphere’ for so long, but it has been a very busy few weeks! Election time is always full of manic activity, but I’m pleased to say I was re-elected as Councillor for Eastville, the result was:
Steve Comer (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1310 44%
Mike Wollacott (Labour) 717 24%
Derek Fey (Conservative) 542 18%
Glenn Vowles (Green Party) 426 14%
June 4th saw the Liberal Democrats win 36 out of the 70 seats in Bristol and take overall control of the city for the first time. I’m very pleased that one of the Lib Dem gains was Hillfields Ward next door to Eastville. Patrick Hassell has campaigned there for many years, and we’ve worked well together on issues we’ve had in common, like the campaign to save Cossham Hospital, and in opposition to a waste site off Lodge Causeway.
Sadly Emma Nyhan just missed out becoming the second Lib Dem Councillor in St. George by 90 votes, but John Kiely has now returned as Councilllor for Easton, and Guy Poulteney held Lockleaze. There will be some major issues ahead, and it’ll be good to have allies in neighbouring wards.


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