Saturday, September 25, 2010

Common sense wins on Wickham Glen

Over the last few weeks there has been much discussion about the proposed path through Wickham Glen. This will be funded by the Bristol Cycling City project, and will give access from a ramp connecting directly to Blackberry Hill. The plan was for a path that would be 3 metres wide. Many residents and local conservation groups were concerned that this would create a 'cycle motorway' and lead to conflict with people walking along the path, and users with disabilities. It would also lead to several mature trees being removed.

There was a meeting on site with Council Officers, and Jon Rogers, the Cabinet member for the project, and it looked like a compromise solution of a narrower path would be supported. Unfortunately the Cycling City team insisted on their original plan going to the planning committee.
The good news is that the committee voted to reject the plans last week, and instructed the officers to come back with a plan for a narrower path that would be more in keeping with the area.


Anonymous said...

Common sense indeed. The whole of theriverside walk from Eastville lake is being made lethal by cyclists and rendering it dangerous for walkers and children. Wasn't there a bylaw prohibiting cycling in this area?

Anonymous said...

I have seen signs go up saying 'pedestrian priority' but there's no way of policing it? Bikes travel through at absurd speeds with no care about the pedestrians. It's spoiling the walk here for everyone.