Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wish you a ‘Happy Interim!’

OK I admit it, I had intended to post a message before Xmas, but the first part of December was hectic, and I didn’t get round to it! It was Xmas Eve before I wrapped any presents, and if it hadn’t been for the joys of Internet shopping (my special thanks to the Amnesty International website) they probably would have been late too!
We are in this interlude between Xmas and New Year that doesn’t have a name. The time of year when some people are working, but many are taking an extended break. Of course some don’t have a choice, 20-30% of Woolworth’s stores have already closed and the rest will be over the next few days. Reality seems to bite hard after Boxing Day.
Last year Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, this year we witness the savage slaughter of civilians in Gaza, and yet more killing in Congo. We need cease fires now, and a renewed commitment to peaceful resolution of conflicts in 2009.

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