Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's historic victory

I was one of many millions watching the TV anxiously in the early hours of Wednesday morning for the American election results. With my remote control flicking between the BBC and CNN coverage, I followed every projection and prediction. It soon became clear that after eight dismal years with one of the worst Presidents in their history, the American people had voted by a clear margin for ‘change they could believe in’.

It was so good to feel positive about a US election, especially after the depressing experience of seeing Bush just cling on in 2004. I really hope Barack uses the next two years to bring real change, he has a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, so there is no reason not too.

In Britain we voted for change in 1997, and the Labour Government seemed to promise so much, but wasted a golden opportunity and in the end changed so little. I really think Obama has the potential to make the world a more peaceful place and drive action on climate change, lets hope he lives up to it.

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Jo Hayes said...

Hear, hear. Or rather read, read. The Democrats have won a fantastic opportunity - what will they do with it? Fingers crossed, I hope they'll act fast - the world has to catch up on eight lost years under the dreadful Bush regime!