Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Windscreen washers at M32 junction 2

I’m getting a lot of complaints about the ‘windscreen washers’ that are hanging around junction 2 of the M32. They suddenly appear, wash your car windscreen and expect payment for this ‘service’ you didn’t order.
I’ve been in touch with the police, and they are actively pursuing the culprits, who are also operating at Temple Meads.
The best advice I can give at the moment is:
1) Keep your car doors and windows locked when driving through this area
2) Make it clear you don’t want your screen washed
3) Don’t give them any money (if they’re not making money they might stop)
4) Report any incidents to the Police (it all helps to build up a case).

This is a very busy junction, with several lanes of traffic merging, and going in three different directions. These windscreen washers are adding yet another hazard, so please help to rid the area of this menace.

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